At Fancyleaf we have found it necessary to innovate control systems to get the best from our business. As the business has grown we have left behind the common small control systems in favour of very high quality controls developed specifically for our business.

We required a system that was powerful, reliable, easy to understand and expandable. It also had to be able to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. We searched the world for such a system and found there was nothing available, so we decided to to it ourselves. The result has been a stunning success, and the growth of Fancyleaf has proven this over the last few years. While the other suppliers to our customer have seen their business stagnate or even shrink, Fancyleaf has gone from about 12% of the pie to over 60%.

These controls have been so successful we now have systems in place in other production areas as well, in horticultural areas such as commercial nuseries and research institutions as well. The following gallery shows some of the hardware at Fancyleaf.