Fancyleaf Farm
Farm at night
Lettuce Rows

Family owned and operated, Fancyleaf began as the first hydroponic farm in the region in 1990. Specialising in growing premium hydroponic products, Fancyleaf has grown to become the major supplier of Fancy Lettuce into various distribution centres of Australia’s major supermarket chains.

When Fancyleaf began its venture down hydroponics, there was very little information available as hydroponics (commercially) was in its infancy in Australia. The early years were quite a struggle and we saw many people come and go from the industry very quickly. However, we were very determined to succeed and had some resources behind us to assist in doing so. The situation has now changed with lots of information readily available, although the same mistakes are being made on occasion, as would be hydroponisist’s with stars in their eyes forget it is only another way to grow a crop, albeit with lots of control.

Hydroponics is now a multi-million dollar industry in Australia and here to stay with Fancyleaf helping succor its roots both in growing and marketing hydroponically grown products.