We grow traditional Fancy Lettuce varieties


We grow four varieties of lettuce for whole head production only, which are supplied to Woolworths . We do no salad mixes such as Mesclun (no, it is not Mescaline which we hear so commonly) as we believe there is too much processing of food already, as well AS the fact that if you produce these products, from a Quality Assurance point of view, you then become a high risk supplier, whereas we are a currently a low risk supplier.


Our chemical usage policy is quite firm as we produce under the WQA Standard (Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard). This means we use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) where consultants monitor all crops and advise us on what needs to be taken care off. Our first preference when any spraying is necessary is for soft, short lived or natural chemicals such a Pyrethrum. We also use beneficial predators, released on a regular basis.

Most chemical usage is avoided by growing more quickly than others, or investing in structures such as rain covers.

We are not organic and don’t claim to be but you can be assured our food is safe and has been produced with minimal, if any chemical usage, and in a very sustainable way (we use about 10-15% of the water required for ground crops). 90% of the water we use comes from rain runoff captured in our own dam, with very little used from the mains supply.